Dental LED Curing Light

LED Curing Light LED-680
Ideal for composites, adhesives and light-cured materials. This brandnew
generation, high-intensity universal light polymerization device is
now built for efficiency.
Performance + Affordability = Everything you're looking for is right in
Main Features:
Superior light intensity powered by special chip-on-board LED technology and no bulbs to replace.
Control-unit, hand piece and cord: Lightweight and detachable with one another
Curing cycle can be interrupted manually with one-touch trigger button audible signal alerts the user to the
operational status.
Fan-free and sealed construction allows for confident asepsis
Standard autoclavable probe with 360 rotation for easy access
Protective eye shield
Super-efficient 5-watt lamp
Light intensity is similiar to the traditional curing lights with halogen lamps, 40-second Individual exposure.
Handle all material at once.
110v-230v voltage, usable anywhere. European, North-American power plugs available.
System Contents:
LED-680 Control Unit
LED-680 Handpiece & Handpiece Stand
LED-680 Light Guide
LED-680 User's Manual
Power Cable
Handpiece Cord

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