Tooth Cleaning Machine

Model 300 Tooth Cleaning Machine
Compared to hand instrumentation, SS-300 is not only time-saving
and making the patients comfortable, but causes less fatigue to the
dentist and might even prevent tendonitis as well.
No matter whether calculus or plaque removal, SS-300 impresses by
its excellent, effective and at the same time gentle scaling.
Main Features:
Piezo-ceramic senses inserts with Adjustable power
Spray constantly cools the treatment area and simultaneously flushes away dislodged micro-particles.
Green light indicates power on while Red light means vibrating
Universal tips for every application and Exclusive tip replacement wrench guarantees proper tightening
Other Charactistics:
Power Supply: AC 120V or 230V 50/60 Hz
Frequency: 29.7 KHz
Scaling tips supplied: 4
Water Consumption: 5 -50 cc/min
Weight: 3.8 KG
Dimensions: 17cmx12cmx7cm
Foot pedal: 1000000 tims
Warrenty: 1 full year

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