Human Prostate cell lines

DU-145 Human Prostate Carcinoma cell line

Description:DU 145 was isolated by K.R. Stone et al from a lesion in the brain of a patient with metastatic carcinoma of the prostate and a 3 year history of lymphocytic leukemia. The line is not detectably hormone sensitive, is only weakly positive for acid phosphatase and isolated cells form colonies in soft agar. Ultrastructural analyses of both the cell line and original tumor revealed microvilli, tonofilaments and desmosomes. Many mitochondria, well developed Golgi and heterogenous lysosomes. The cells do not express prostate antigen.

LNCaP Human Prostate Carcinoma cell line

Description:This cell line was established from a metastatic lesion of human prostatic adenocarcinoma.

PC-3 Human Prostate Carcinoma (GIV) cell line

Description:The cells exhibit low acid phosphatase and testosterone-5- alpha reductase activities.





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